Emergency Plumber NYC Tips: Water, Water, Everywhere

Emergency Plumber NYC Tips: Water, Water, Everywhere

Toilet water is nasty. The thought of dogs drinking from the toilet bowl is nasty. Toilets in general are just nasty. But there are things nastier than toilets. Like dirty toilets, or overflowing toilets. Those are really nasty. Trust me. If anyone knows, it’s me.


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Awhile back, I lived on an organic farm that was off the grid in exchange for room and board. You’d think that the work of living on a farm would be the hardest – and, to be honest, it was pretty difficult. But worse than the work was the living. There was one toilet, which was shared by six people. And it didn’t even flush poop.


Seriously. It was an old toilet.


Whenever you’d have to flush a number two, you couldn’t reach for the flusher. It didn’t work, after all, so that would just be asking to get a load of stinking toilet water all over your butt and clothes, and to give you a mess of a floor to clean up. It was so bad the owner of the farm even had special towels in the closet, just for cleaning up poop water. Now, in retrospect, I shouldn’t blame myself or my luck for overflows and toilet malfunctions. Like I said, it was an old toilet – what can I expect? But then, it didn’t seem that way. Every time I’d use it, I’d pray. I’d pray that it wouldn’t spit up at me, I’d pray I wouldn’t have to clean, I’d pray I’d be able to just walk out the door and get back to life.


Most of the time, no one listened. I spent a lot of time cleaning up and trying to figure out how to get that abominable mass of water and . . . stuff to stay put when it started coming up at me. Eventually, I figured it out. This is the alpha and omega of overflowing toilet law (there is such a thing as overflowing toilet law, right?). This will save you time. This will save you heartache. This is it. Are you ready?


Turn off the water.


Yeah. It’s that simple. I probably should have figured it out earlier (hindsight really is 20/20, it seems), but I figured it out one day, and that’s what matters. If you ever find yourself facing a toilet inching closer and closer to vomiting that mess all over the floor, reach down behind the toilet, grab that water valve control, and turn it to the right to tighten it. This will instantly shut off water supply to the toilet, so even if it doesn’t flush, you won’t have to clean anything up.


After you’ve shut off water supply, grab a plunger, and get to work. Oh, and try to cut off water supply before the bowl gets so full putting a plunger in will just scatter poop and water everywhere. Usually, plunging will get a flush immediately. If it doesn’t, consider contacting emergency plumbing NYC services. A 24-hour plumber NYC can definitely help you get that overflowing toilet working right. If your plunger isn’t working but you have an auger on hand, though, you can be your own emergency plumber NYC – just snake the pipe yourself and get back to what you were doing. It’s as simple as that.

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